Friday, October 16, 2009

Grandparents' Weekend

This past weekend at the WV place was really quite eventful. We filled all of the bedrooms for the first time ever. We got to take the parents on a train ride, spend time with Joey (our youngest grandson) and talk to and see Shannon from Barcelona using Skype.

I shared Saturday's train ride pictures with you the other day. So now you get to see what Sunday brought.

Fall! When I got out of bed on Sunday morning, it was 39 degrees. That's only 7 degrees above freezing.

Sorry, I won't bore you with my nature photos yet again. After all, we did have 6 people in the house at one time. But I couldn't resist sharing these two. They look better if you click on each pic for a larger view.

Here's my Dad having breakfast with Joey, our entertainment for the weekend. When Hubby pointed out to Amy that she was shipping her son off to spend an entire weekend with FIVE grandparents, she almost changed her mind. I mean, if 2 grandparents can spoil a kid in a weekend, what would 5 do?

We took turns passing him from one lap to the other.

Even my Mom (aka Mawsie) got in on some Joey loving.

He's really a personable, well-behaved, happy little fellow.

And with people like me around, he's gotten really good at saying, "cheese."

It was too cold to go play outside, so we brought out the zero gravity lounger. It kept him busy for at least an hour.

He and I were taking turns reclining then locking the chair in place so Joey could unlock it and have the chair back shoot forward. Meg had to get in on the act, too.

Joey thought the chair was the most fun ever. Everyone else just liked listening to Joey giggle.

He was sort of excited and sort of scared to sit on my big motorcycle.

See what I mean about him always looking happy?

Here Joey and Pop are goofing off as the parents get ready to leave.

Then it was time for lunch. Take a closer look at Joey...

... doing his best to sit like Pop.

He's at that mimicking phase, which is cute until someone slips and says something like, "dumbass." Lucky for us, that one wore off quickly.

He's also at that "I wanna help" stage, which is cute, too. But it means it takes ten times longer to get anything done. Which is okay, unless you're supposed to be someplace at a certain time.

Finally, we were ready to leave. He's even a good car passenger.

Mom Murphy, sorry I didn't get a picture with Joey on your lap!

Other than that, we all had a fabulous weekend. This weekend is going to be fun, too. We've got more company coming. More on that next week.

I can't close without sharing at least one picture of Belle. Just a quick one...

I keep saying she's fast. She really can fly.


  1. I´m laughing and feeling sad at the same time looking at the WV pics. Everyone looks like they had a good time and I can practically hear Joey giggling all the way in Prague.

  2. Yeah, he was giggling and squealing. We did have a great time. And everyone really enjoyed getting to see and talk to you. We all think of you way more often than you'd ever imagine, so you were there with us in spirit. Love ya!

  3. I had a great weekend, Thanks Guys. It was a treat seeing Joey and enjoying his giggles and his smile. I enjoyed the Train ride and I must say I was quite pleased without myself and my walking the distance to the train. Shannon if you read this, I enjoyed talking with you and I am enjoying traveleing along with you even if it is just virtual. I call it armchair traveling.


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