Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh, How Distracting

Working from home has its pluses and its minuses. Having your pets as company is one of the good things. Usually.

Having the dogs around is a plus. As for the cat, well, let me just say Moses is old (about 20), grumpy and VERY vocal. She meows incessantly. Around 4:00 PM she'll start telling me it's time for her dinner.

Until recently, I could ignore her. But now that the weather has gotten colder, she's discovered the joy of sleeping on my warm notebook computer, which sits closed, on a shelf behind the full-size monitor it's hooked up to.

So now, when Moses decides she's hungry, she just has to pop her head up to get my attention.

She'll sit there, giving me the evil eye for a bit. Then she'll start meowing.

And meowing...

...and meowing. She's relentless.

She also likes to rub her cheeks on the edge of my monitor, which means I get this film of black cat hair all over the screen. Not to mention a keyboard full of cat hair.

She does eventually stop whining for a bit. Although quiet, she makes sure I still know she's not happy.

It can be quite distracting. Which is the whole point, I guess.

Until I slid the monitor over a bit, she used to slink through that gap and walk across the keyboard. Now she just sits back there glaring at me.

I wonder how long it'll be before she hacks up a hairball back there?

Ah, the joy of having cats...

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