Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Potomac Eagle Weekend

As I mentioned the other day, we had our first full house at the WV place this past weekend.

Pictured here, from left to right, are my Mom (Doris), my Dad (Phares), my mother-in-law (Dena Jeanne), Hubby, me and our youngest grandson (Joey).

A long time ago, Hubby and I decided we'd like to take the parents on a train ride. It just took a while to implement. What train? The Potomac Eagle, of course.

The train is actually based in Romney, a few miles from our house. We really have been wanting to do this for a while, but the timing had to be just right. I think Fall is the best time, scenery wise. But then, I love Fall.

It really was a very nice weekend. I'll expand more on it later. I managed to come down with a cold, which is why I am so late posting about the weekend. It's also why I'm sharing the pictures with very little commentary. I need to go to bed.

The Potomac Eagle rides south from Romney along the South Branch of the Potomac River. It really is a pretty area. The mountains may not be as dramatic as they are in the American West, but they're still quite lovely. Especially in the Fall.

This shot cracks me up. It looks like someone said, "Everyone tilt your head sideways." Joey got the "tilt" part, but didn't get "sideways." He tilted back instead. It's sort of like me telling him to squeeze out a little more pee (he's potty training). I had to follow that statement with, "No, not with your fingers!"

And here's the grand finale shot of the day...

I'll post more pics from the weekend and tell you how much fun we all had in my next post. I hope. Right now, I need to blow my nose for the gazillionth time and go to sleep.

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  1. The one with Joey pointing at the camera is my favorite. So cute. And it looks like it was a very pretty train ride indeed.


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