Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sharing Our Cabin with Friends

Foliage in our little corner of WV is pretty much at peak this weekend. Unfortunately, it's cold, wet and overcast. But still beautiful. And we had company to share it with, which was really quite nice.

Mike and Kathy Weissner, Hubby's sister- and brother-in-law joined us for a day in the mountains. We'd hoped to drive around doing some leaf peeping, but the weather didn't cooperate. So we just sat around visiting, drove to Capon Bridge for a meal at our favorite restaurant in West Virginia (El Puente Mexican Restaurant) and walked around our place enjoying the scenery.

I did take a few pics, like the nice one of them above, but not many. The sun's coming out so I may take more later. However, I was looking at my Flickr and stumbled across this image from last year, which I really like.

It's one of the group featured in this Flickr slideshow.

Here we all are, just prior to their departure. Pictured l-r above: Me, Hubby, Mike and Kathy.

I'm not sure how we'll entertain ourselves the rest of the day. It's certainly a good day for a nap. Hmmm...

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  1. You guys look cold! And I should know because I've been seeing myself look cold in pictures for the last week. :-)


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