Saturday, September 26, 2009

Um, Do You Think This is For Real?

Every now and then I like to post stuff on my blog that makes people wonder, "Is she serious?" Or, "Do you think she really believes this?" Perhaps even, "This chick is just dumb. And she's not even a blonde."

Like yesterday's post.

And the one about Meg's presbyopia correction.

There was the picture I added to my PhotoShop disaster post, too, which I don't think anyone ever noticed a problem with.

I never know if people are afraid to ask or just don't want to make me feel stupid by saying anything.

That's okay. I just like keeping people on their toes.

Apparently, I am not alone. There's actually a Web site, The Museum of Hoaxes, that has four fun photo tests. Here's a fun thing to look at, too.

On a final note, here's my latest favorite word-of-the-day from Urban Dictionary...

CYBERCHONDRIAC - someone who spends their time searching medical Web sites for diseases they convince themselves they actually have.

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