Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh, What A Lazy Day

Fall is definitely here.

We're at the WV place. It's 59 degrees outside. And raining. We have the front door and some of the windows open. The only sound is the rain hitting the leaves in the forest that surrounds us. That and water dripping in the puddles just beyond my window, where it lands after running off of the roof (we don't have any rain gutters).

Meg is curled up on a braided rug beside me. Belle is snuggled down on top of her bed near my feet. They're both worn out from their morning romp.

Hubby is on the sofa. (Awake, believe it or not.) The air is ripe with the smell of chili simmering in the crock-pot.

A lazy day indeed.

I did take the girls for a walk this morning between rain showers. As you can see from the pics, the leaves are really starting to change colors. In quite a few spots, a carpet of leaves blankets the ground. Those are maple leaves for the most part. They tend to change colors and drop first. Which is fine by me. They're pretty on the trees certainly, but they're also pretty interesting to look at (and photograph!) when on the ground.

I'll share my artsy leaf pics in my next post. First, I have to share this...

Technically speaking, it's not a great picture. It's blurry for gosh sake. But look how happy my little Belle looks. This is how she looks as she runs around reveling in her freedom at the WV place.

When outside, she's almost always--95% of the time--on the move. She moves fast, too. Ears flying. Goofy grin on her face. Tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.

She loves it here.

Here's a rare shot of Belle standing still. (I deleted about 27 other failed attempts.) We were waiting for Meg to return. Belle stays pretty much at my side. Definitely within earshot. She's the kind of dog that likes to stick close to her people at all times. (She's the one who puts her toes under the door when I am in the bathroom.)

Here's a shot of Turkey Hollow Road. That's the official name now. The county actually came around and installed road signs.

Here's a shot from almost the same spot as the last image, facing the opposite direction. That's our driveway on the left. Turkey Hollow Road continues for about another half mile before it dead ends.

Meg showed up very shortly after the previous shot was taken. Belle greeted her exuberantly, as usual, before the two of them headed down our driveway, back toward the house, with me bringing up the rear.

Look into the back of the picture, among the trees. That's an awful lot of yellow.

Fall is most definitely my favorite time of year.

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