Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's All About the Light

As I've said at least once recently, the quality of light in the Fall is awesome. It's very soft. So colors are generally more vibrant. Add that to all the changing colors of the flowers, trees and grasses, and Fall presents a pretty good show.

Yesterday, between rain showers, I took the girls for a walk. I almost always take my camera. In fact, they get excited when they see me pick up my camera because they know it usually means a walk.

As expected, I was able to capture quite a few leaf images. The light was good, but I also massaged them a bit with Photo Shop. And added some artsy frames. Titles, too, which were not easy to come up with. I put them all together in a short little slide show, with music of course, for your viewing pleasure. (If you don't see or can't start the slide show embedded below, let me know.)

If you'd rather just see the images, or see them at higher-resolution, I posted them on Flickr, too.

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