Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It is What It ACK!?!

Oh, jeez. Finally, a sign from above, below or elsewhere telling me my life really is going to poop.

I actually said, "It is what it is" to someone during a conversation today. GASP!

I really hate that particular saying.

It was a work-related conversation at that. With a way higher-up at my employer. Someone I don't really know all that well, either. I can't say what possessed me in that moment, but I said it. And no sooner than those five words had crossed my lips, I said, "Oh my God, I cannot buh-lieve I just said that. I HATE that saying."

Yep, I said that to the same person, completely cutting him off.

He just got sort of quiet and said something like, "Well, uh, there you have it."

And that was my excitement today.


  1. LOL. It's *hilarious* that you actually used that phrase because I know you hate it so. BUT. I think "there you have it" should be the new "it is what it is." :-)

  2. You know, I thought the same thing. I actually think it may have been his attempt at humor. Not a great attempt, but he's a numbers guy. So there you have it.


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