Friday, September 25, 2009

Lite Margaritas... It's About Time

Can you guess who joined Hubby and I for dinner last night?

C'mon, take a guess. The passport and Thailand paperwork are your clues.

It was Shannon, our eldest, who is less than a week away from setting off on her year-long, around the world backpacking tour.

Less than a week. Wow.

I'm changing the subject now...

Can you guess who made dinner? How about the pretty, blue beverage?

HINT: It wasn't the same person.

It's Hubby's week to cook. Tonight, he made southwestern egg rolls with yummy, completely-from-scratch Mexican rice, which he served topped with some kind of green sauce and a dollop of sour cream. They were delicious.

I made the beverages. My famous blue margaritas. The two key ingredients, in addition to ice, frozen lime juice concentrate and salt, of course, are...

... DeKuyper Blue Curacao (orange flavored liqueur, blue in color) and Sauza Hornitos Reposado tequila.

Those two things have been staples at my house for a couple of years now. But tonight, I learned something new. Something very exciting. A bit of information I so wish I'd picked up on earlier in the year.

You see, I've been dieting. So I've been avoiding high calorie stuff like margaritas. It wasn't until tonight that I realized the folks at DeKuyper had finally come out with a low-calorie Blue Curacao.

The weird thing is, it seems they're trying to be sort of hush-hush about it. I have no idea why. I mean, I truly think lower calorie margaritas are a breakthrough. Don't you?

So why not do a shout-out to the world announcing the fact? The label seems a bit, well, understated if you ask me. See for yourself...

All it says is "LITER." At least it's in uppercase. But why not something like, "ALL NEW, lower calorie, liter Blue Curacao. Same great flavor but with less sugar and fewer calories"?

Assuming there is less sugar and they didn't use some other trick to make the stuff lite. It would be nice to know how much liter, too. Like, is it liter by 20 calories? Or 100 calories liter?

The DeKuyper marketing folks must not be the brightest bulbs on the string. Or maybe they're dual-purpose marketers/taste-testers, never quite sober enough to realize or care that being LITER is a good thing.

Maybe we'll get lucky and the people at Sauza will start offering a liter tequila. Maybe I should start a letter-writing campaign. What do you think? Wanna help?


  1. oh, sounds fantastic! how did i miss shannon was backpacking around the world?! if she is coming to zurich and needs a place to crash, give her my email!

  2. Megan, thanks for the offer to crash at your place, that's super cool of you. My first stop will be Barcelona, then Prague, then I'll have to head for the tropics before it gets too cold in Europe. I'll keep Zurich in mind for sure!

  3. Yes, they sure should market that a bit better! Can't wait to try it.

    Good luck Shannon!!! You're going to have such a blast! Oh, to be young and free....:)


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