Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last Fall...

...I took a short road trip to Maine. I'd never seen Maine, had always wanted to, and had this overwhelming desire to just go.

So I went.

The light was amazing.

Autumn light is as soft as it gets. What's that mean? Colors just look richer. Fall has officially arrived for me when the air becomes crisp, I start seeing lots of pink in the sky at dawn and dusk and colors in general are just warmer-feeling.

After sunset, looking across Gloucester Harbor (Massachusetts).
Do the dark colors in that image depress you?
Or do you find it soothing?

This shot was also taken in Gloucester, but at the Inner Harbor.
I shot this one 30-45 minutes before the first one.

This picture is from Rockport Harbor, also in Massachusetts.
It was taken at 6:43 AM, but I was facing sort of north,
which is why you don't see the pinks in the sky.
You need to face east or west for that, don't ask me why.
All I know is, quality of light is about angles.

This shot was taken at about 12:45 PM.
Eagle Lake at Acadia National Park in Maine.
The warmest colors here are the leaves.
Midday is the worst time for pictures.

The Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse in Maine.
Just before sunset.
That's the Golden Hour for photographers.

The light was perfect for this one.
It was completely accidental.
I saw this when I turned to leave the lighthouse.
Looking east at 5:12 PM from Bass Harbor Head.
That was after sunset on October 7.
Maine is the easternmost US state.
And that spot in Maine is pretty far east.

I hope you enjoyed the quickie road trip.

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