Thursday, August 28, 2008

Local Photoshop Disaster

There's a fun little Blog Shannon told me about a while ago called Photoshop Disasters. It is on my blog roll (the list of other people's blogs that I like).

As its name implies, it features examples of less-than-perfect graphics obviously altered using Photoshop (probably) or some other image editing software.

Back on Monday, August 18, Towson University was featured.

On August 14, another local -- Michael Phelps -- made the spotlight. Not because of anything he did, but because someone took certain liberties adding a smile to his face that doesn't quite fit the moment. Is it me, or is his head way too small, too?

There's another funny one HERE; funnier yet is that it came from an actual real estate listing.

You also see stuff like this missing nipple shot.

Get the picture?

Photoshop is a very cool program. But it is REALLY easy to get carried away.

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  1. Way to go alma mater. Way to make it onto a site seen worldwide. . .but not for a good thing. At least I didn't go there as a computer science or web design major (or whatever it is that you'd major in when building and altering websites). :-)


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