Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cute is Good Sometimes

In yesterday's post, I mentioned Julie's Journal, a blog I recently discovered. I said one of the reasons I like her is that she "posts funny pictures of her kids, even though they are way beyond the cute, cuddly, baby/toddler stage."

I didn't mean to infer that I don't like blogs with cute and cuddly kids. In fact, some of them I really like. But there are lots of them. Julie is just different.

To prove that I really do like cute kids, I decided to share this slide show I put together of my oldest grandson, Gaige. We were at his sister's softball game last summer.

Only three at the time, he was stuck on the sidelines with Hubby and all the rest of the spectators while Brianna played ball. He and Pop (that's what the grand kids call Hubby) were playing catch.

Well, they were trying to. Gaige was having a heck of a time. When you watch the slide show, look closely at the focus and determination on his face. He was so excited to finally catch the ball.

That's the same day when, after the game, Hubby put Gaige on his shoulders for the trip to the car. Gaige looked down at Hubby's hair and uttered a little gasp before saying, "Pop!"

"What?" asked Hubby.

"Your hair is turning black," Gaige replied. I guess he spotted the one brown hair left on Hubby's head.

The boy is too cute.

He went from barely being able to catch (as evidenced in the slide show) to this.

I can't leave Brianna out. She's cute, too! And smart. And funny. And so excited to have just started second grade.

I even had a post titled "Cuter Than Cute" once. It featured Joey, my youngest grandson, who just turned one in July.

One more bit of cuteness and I'll stop. I promise. This one doesn't even involve any of my cute little grandchildren.

A friend of mine e-mailed a video to me tonight. It's one of those that you know has been e-mailed all over the world, but you have no idea who the people are or who gets credit for the effort. It was too cute not to share.

Well, are you convinced that I really do believe cute is good sometimes?

Good. 'Cause the cuteometer says I have exceeded my cuteness quota for the week.


  1. I have a few new cute pics to send to you. Hopefully I'll get them off my camera tomorrow and email them to you.

  2. Oh yea - I forgot to ask you how your exercising is going? You haven't posted any updates lately....

  3. I'm a huge loser in the exercise department. I messed my back up working like 10 straight hours in the recliner one day and it hasn't been the same since! As soon as Dad starts the new job and we get insurance info, I'll get it checked out. For now, I'll just continue suffering through the spasms...


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