Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cuter than Cute!

I am not trying to brag, really. I mean, yeah my youngest grandson and only grand-dog are in the picture. But even if they weren't related, I'd still say this picture is adorable. Just look at that smile!

Thanks go out to my daughter, Amy, for sending the pictures. She says that Joey (grandson, 11 months old) and Klondike (grand-dog, about 3) have only recently become really good pals. And she is pretty sure she knows why.

You see, Joey is pretty independent. He knows what he wants and knows when he wants it (or not). Especially when it comes to food. He has always been that way. Now that he is eating more and more solids, he will still eat until he is full, and not a bite more. Do you think he says, "Uh, Mom. I am done." Of course not. Although he is talking already.

When Joey is finished eating, he simply drops whatever is left onto the floor. Klondike is usually nearby and is more than happy to step in and help Mom clean up the mess.

Klondike may just be a dog, but even he can see how hard Amy works taking care of all three kids while her hubby is away training. She runs her own business, too (bookkeeping services), which she started right around the time Joey was born (July 2007).

Mike and I are very proud of what she has been able to accomplish. And she's a great Mom, too. You'd think she'd be overwhelmed by it all, or at least complain sometimes about having to manage so much. She doesn't. She is just as happy as can be.

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