Friday, April 10, 2009

What the El!?!

Since I am a regional employee, working from my home office, my employer issued me a notebook (aka laptop) computer. My personal computer is also a notebook.

I have only one lap.

Granted it's a wide lap, but it is not wide enough for two computers. So Hubby hooked me up with this cool switch thingy that allows both computers to sit closed, side-by-side on my desk, sharing one large desktop monitor, mouse and keyboard.

It's cool, really. Except that the poor keyboard and mouse get used twice as much.

My keyboard is suffering. Even though it is only a year old.

Over the last few months, I've noticed that the "L" was being worn away slowly. It eventually disappeared. But I got used to it. It wasn't as bad as when the en on my last keyboard quit working.

Until yesterday, that is. That's when Eric stopped by. (He's been staying at his Dad's so he doesn't have to listen to me nag him about job hunting. But that's another story.)

While here, he needed to use my computer.

"What happened to the el?" he asked.

"It wore off."

"Why just the el?"

"I don't know. I guess I type a lot of words with els in them. Like 'clinical'. That's got two els and I type that one a lot (for work)."

He managed to figure out where the el key was. But he screwed me up. The key may have been blank, but I knew what it was. I'd never thought much about it. Until Eric had to go and point it out. After he left, I couldn't stop thinking about my missing el.

I thought for a nanosecond about buying a new keyboard. But I decided to fix this one instead. All the other keys are fine, after all.

Those Sharpies are handy little tools.

The fix worked. But now the el really stands out!

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  1. That's funny. About half of my letters are worn off the keys but it doesn't bother me. It wasn't until Brianna went to use my computer one day that I really noticed it!


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