Monday, April 13, 2009

Will It Ever Get Warm?

The calendar may say it is mid-April, but it sure doesn't feel like mid-April.

Saturday dawned cold and rainy. That didn't stop the dogs from enjoying the outdoors though. Both Meg (pictured at left) and Belle love being outside at the WV place. Rain or no, they love running through the woods. Both got quite wet and muddy, but Meg was by far the muddiest.

Wanna know what road spray looks like on the underbelly of a dog? Take a look at Meg's dirty belly.

Belle was wet and muddy, too. But I'm guessing Meg spent more time running through the wet dirt as opposed to the wet leaves, which is why her belly got so much dirtier than Belle's did.

Belle had her share of dirty, too. But that came a bit later in the day.

Both girls were happy when Buddy showed up for his usual visit.

By then, thankfully, the sun had come out. After they played with Buddy for a while, we headed down to his house. His Mom worries if he stays away too long.

There's a nice little creek that meanders through Buddy's yard. It seems a groundhog built a burrow on the bank of the creek amid some tree roots. Belle was doing her best to sniff out the varmint.

You should have seen the girl poking and prodding among the tree roots. She was even walking on some downed logs like she's a squirrel or something. Or maybe a mountain goat. She loves poking and crawling over and under downed trees.

After giving up on the groundhog, Belle and Buddy chased each other around the yard a good bit.

Then Buddy uncovered his treasure--a deer leg--to show Belle.

Belle was quite impressed. Meg had gone home by then and missed out on that particular gem. And that's a good thing. I don't think she would have given up on it quite as easily.

Weather-wise, the rest of the weekend was fine. Though temperatures never did climb out of the 50s. This morning, back in Maryland, it was still only 31.5 degrees when I let the dogs out for their morning constitutional. I think we're supposed to get rain later today, too.

We did bring the motorcycles home. No telling when it will warm up enough for us to ride, though.

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