Thursday, April 9, 2009

Passive-Aggressive Easter Bunny?

I am not a Blogaholic. That means I do NOT obsess about posting something new to my Blog every day. And I do not read a gazillion other people's Blogs.

I do read some, though. But it's easy 'cause I have a reading list. There are six Blogs on my reading list. Whenever someone posts something new, it pops up there. Which is cool, 'cause it means I don't have to waste precious time navigating around, Blog to Blog, to see if any of my faves posted anything new.

Anyway... one of the Blogs on my list is Passive-Aggressive Notes (WARNING: they use the "f" word there... don't say I didn't warn you, Moms!).

It's not always (not usually) rip-roaring hilarious. But it's almost always interesting, in a semi-sick sort of way. Today's post in particular struck me funny because the picture so totally looks like it could be the inside of the refrigerator of someone I know. Some family member. One who lives south of me, and a little east.

I'm not naming names, though.

For the record, the refrigerator I pictured above is mine. It has nothing to do with the passive-aggressive post. I just hate picture-less Blog posts.

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  1. I know who's refrig you are talking about! I thought that post was so-oooooo funny and if I am not to late for Easter Eye Dying you gave me a SUPER DUPER IDEA. The F word made it reallt worthwhile. HAPPY EASTER!

    I think you know WHO!


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