Saturday, April 12, 2008

Too Many Ens, The Break and Goodbye Don

I told myself last week I was going to do a better job posting here. I really want to, but the days just totally get away from me. So now I am playing catch-up.

Too Many Ens (would have been Thursday's post)

If you read my previous posts, you know I work from home. I have a company-supplied computer and a personal computer, both notebooks, stashed ever-so-cleverly on my perpetually messy desk. My dear hubby rigged up a cool set-up with a switch, which allows me to use a full-size keyboard and monitor for both computers. So both notebooks are tucked out of the way and remain closed 95% of the time. (I would take a picture so you could see what I mean, but my desk is way too messy. I'd be embarrassed.)

Well, until a couple of weeks ago, I had a really crappy keyboard. It did all kinds of goofy stuff, but the thing that made me get rid of it was when the SHIFT+CONTROL and arrow keys wouldn't work to highlight text for copying, cutting, pasting, formatting, etc. I am a writer. That's an important function. After putting up with it for a few weeks, I bought a new keyboard. I remember a certain person always telling me, a keyboard is a keyboard. I don't like ergonomic ones (they look like a wave and the keys are split in the middle) and didn't really like the wireless one I tried. So I bought a plain, inexpensive keyboard. It cost $9.97...can you guess where I bought it?

It worked okay, except the number two in the top row of numbers and the minus sign didn't always work. I use Excel a lot, too, so it was sort of a pain. I just had to remember to hit those keys really hard. I adapted. Then Thursday, after having my keyboard for only about a month, if that, I spilled coffee on it. I have NEVER done that before. Not much actually got into the keyboard, but it was enough to make my en key stop working. Well, having already adjusted to the number two and minus sign issue, I figured I could circumvent the en problem, too. I just copied an en and figured I'd paste it into words, as needed, instead of typing the letter. That lasted about five minutes. There are far too many ens in the English language. And I was in the middle of writing a proposal, too!

I had to dismantle my cool switch set-up and revert to using the individual notebook keyboards. Yuck!

The Break (would have been Friday's post)

I decided not to go to West Virginia this weekend. I needed a break and there are some things around here I have been meaning to do. Making a Roman shade for our WV bedroom is just one of those things. Going to watch my granddaughter, Brianna, play lacrosse is the other thing.

Mike left for WV early, and I ended up working until about 6:30 PM. I guess it was around 8:00 when Amy called. She was at the ER with Brianna, who had fallen off a swing at daycare earlier in the day and broken her arm. It wasn't a bad break, but it was bad enough to end her lacrosse season. So, no lacrosse game for me in the morning. Maybe I'll get a chance to sleep in!

Goodbye Don

The dogs woke me up around 7:30 A.M. The bitches. So much for sleeping in!

After puttering around the house a bit, I headed to the store for the last bits of fabric needed for my shade project. While there, I bought a new keyboard! I avoided the really cheap piece of crap I'd bought previously and splurged on one that cost $12.97 instead. (So far, so good. All of the keys seem to be functioning.)

On the drive home, I was flipping through radio stations and came across a weird/wonderful/sad thing. The Don and Mike Show, a local radio talk show, which was also syndicated, that had been on the air since 1985 was ending for good. Apparently yesterday, Friday, April 11, was the last day. They we re-running the farewell broadcast.

I am not a huge fan of talk radio, but I did listen occasionally, back in the day when I commuted to and from work. I didn't always "get" the humor (it could be sort of stupid, but everyone is different!), but they just seemed like good guys. They had the kind of rapport where you could sit and listen to them chat about stuff for hours. Like the Car Talk guys on NPR.

The farewell show consisted of Don, Mike and the other folks who had worked together over the years, chatting, reminiscing and saying goodbye. They left, one by one, over the course of the show until it was just Don and Mike in the studio, and then it was just Don.

It was the strangest thing. I couldn't stop listening. I've been out of touch and not aware of the controversy or all the ups and downs that had surrounded the show (here's the Wikipedia link again if you want to read more).

When I got home, I went straight into the house and tuned in to hear the rest of the show. They really were just sitting around talking about old times, past shows, how they'd all become really good friends, why Don was leaving, etc. It was so sad! It was like a funeral, with everyone saying goodbye, encouraging each other to move on, telling each other what they meant to one another, etc.

Like I said before, I wasn't a huge fan. But I did listen to the show occasionally. I knew some of the history, like the tragic death of Don's wife, Freda, in 2005. They've been on the air forever. Since I graduated from high school, and that was AGES ago! I found the show really touching. Of course, I was crying throughout 'cause I'm a sap like that.

Maybe that's why the Roman shade project was so much harder than anticipated! I didn't finish it. Perhaps I'll get it done tomorrow. For now, its late, and I'm all caught up, so I am going to go to bed. I'll have more to say tomorrow.

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