Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lame-ass Blogger

That's me! The lame-ass blogger that is. Almost a month ago I said I'd do better with posting, right? I have far too many interests and far too little time. So I have resigned myself to the fact that posts on here will be really irregular.

I am pretty sure no one reads this anyway. Except maybe Mike, my dear hubby, who doesn't really care what I have to say about most things but does check every now and then to see what I have said about him. My mom would probably read it, too, out of sheer boredom, if she could figure out how to navigate here. She's been using the Internet for awhile, but I am not sure she knows what a blog is. Anyway, I think you get the picture.

I was thinking about using a new template, but why bother if I can't even manage regular posts? Instead, to add interest, I added a list of links to Other People's Blogs I thought you might enjoy. Look to the right of the page and scroll down (that's where the list is at the time of this writing).

Guess that's it for today.

If you do actually read this, post a comment that at least says, "I read your page today." Thanks a bunch.


  1. I'm just glad that TWO of the blogs on your blogroll are ones that I pointed you in the direction of!


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