Thursday, May 15, 2008

While I Am Hard At Work...

Since this Blog is, after all, supposed to be a depiction of the world through my eyes, I decided to share some images of stuff as I actually see it.

I work from my home office. It took a while for my "kids" to realize that when I am working, I am busy and can't give them my undivided attention.

They all learned to cope eventually. While I am slaving away at my computer, they nap. The evidence is in this picture, which is a regular sight here.

Moses (old, female cat) is the black spot at left on the green dog bed. Above Moses and to the right is Meg (female dog) curled up on the cat bed. The gray spot on the green chair is Muffin (another female cat). CeCe (female dog) is in the foreground on the cream-colored dog bed. The brown critter to the right of and slightly below Moses is CeCe's TOY beaver.

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