Friday, January 2, 2009

You're Gonna Have to Move

I woke up around 6:00 this morning. Thanks to Meg, who was telling me in her doggy way, "Mom, I need to go outside NOW."

Still no poo, but the girl is trying. We return to the vet for more x-rays this morning.

[UPDATE: Meg's x-rays looked way better the vet expected. We still have to keep an eye on her for signs of bowel perforation, but, based on where she is today, the chances that that happened are very low. The doc was very pleased at her progress.]

Meanwhile, Hubby is really chomping at the bit to go get Belle (Meg's new girlfriend and our new hairy toddler).

Anyway, after rising at 6:00, donning my coat and flashlight, and following Meg around in 30 degree weather, in the dark, to see if she'd managed to pass anything, I came back into the house. Once inside, I made myself a nice, big, hot cup of coffee, settled into my recliner, picked up my trusty laptop, and logged on to CNN.

I have a real love/hate relationship with CNN. Most news sites, actually. I don't always agree with what they consider "news." Every now and then I come across something worth reading. Even rarer, I come across something worth sharing. Today was a "gotta share this" day.

Today, I stumbled across the story of Katy Hughes and her Mom, Elizabeth. Katy is 16. She's an aspiring artist and writer. She started a blog recently -- Anywhere But Here -- to talk about her and her mother's battle with homelessness.

I can't imagine being in their situation. But I know a lot of folks teeter perilously close. I won't say it could never happen to me because, if things got bad enough, it could. What if Hubby and/or I lost our job? We've got some savings, but a lot of that is not liquid. The right, or wrong, sequence of events could put a real hurting on us, too.

Of course, I'm all about reading human interest stuff, so I checked out Katy's blog. It was interesting to read about how a local author her Mom had befriended years ago learned of their plight and got the ball rolling to raise awareness and get them some help.

Intrigued? Check out Katy's blog for yourself. You can read Brandilyn Collins' blog (the author who seems to be spearheading the help/awareness effort), too.

Wanna help? Send Katy an e-mail at You could send something by snail mail, too, to: Elizabeth and Katy Hughes, PO Box 111525, Campbell, CA 95011. There's apparently a PayPal account, also, but I'm not sure how that works. To learn more about that, go here.

Katy's blog has been getting more and more hits. At the very least, you should read it. It's surprisingly well-written for a 16-year-old.

Oh yeah, tell all your friends about Katy, too. All sorts of help is starting to trickle in for them, but I'm sure Katy would be thrilled to see her blog hits keep increasing exponentially.

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  1. Bless you for running the story on Katy and Liz. It's caring people like you, taking time to spread the story, who are making all the difference. This story has now spread nationally. It is putting a face on the plight of the homeless in our country. Look for Katy and Liz's interview next week on Good Morning America. (You can check my blog for all updates.

    Again, thank you for caring.


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