Friday, January 2, 2009

Got a Screw Loose? Hubby and Skil Can Help!

Yesterday, Hubby was bored. And his Christmas money that he got from my parents was burning a hole in his pocket. And he was missing all his pals at Lowe's. (He avoids ALL stores during the holidays.)

So he went shopping. He came home with the cutest little cordless screwdriver.

He said Mawsie and Pop (my parents) had picked just the right gift for him. A brand-new, Skil, cordless screwdriver.

"I know what you're thinking," he said. "I already have a cordless screwdriver."

I was actually thinking he has/had more than one. But I kept my mouth shut as he continued extolling the virtues of his new gadget excitedly while digging around blindly in the very large tool bag on the floor beside him.

"But look how big it is," he said as he pulled the behemouth out and sat it on his lap.

"And heavy, too," I said, remembering well from past encounters with a similar tool in West Virginia.

"It's really cute," I told him.

"Tools aren't cute," he said.

It is, though. And it came in this cool little round case. With a whole slew of interchangeable screw head (bits?) attachments.

What's the coolest gift you got for Christmas this year?

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