Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm In Love With a Girl

This isn’t the sort of thing I’d normally blog about. But since this month is an unofficial coming out month for at least one member of the [extended] family, I figured it would be okay.

I’m not at home today. I’m in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania for a company Christmas party. On the drive north last night, I took a little detour. To a town named West Creek, a little ways up the coast from Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I met the girl in Jersey, sort of. She was born and raised there. I met her on the Web first. I saw her “available” picture and my interest was definitely piqued.

She’s young, which is unlike me (I usually fall for the older ones). But it was love at first sight. And when it’s right, it’s right. You just know.

Besides, I’m too old myself to play hard-to-get.

She’s a real bitch. But she’s gorgeous. She’s got eyes that melt you. She’s quite petite. And she has this way of snuggling up under your chin when you hug her that’s just, well, amazing. Did I mention the tiny little kisses she likes to give? I don't usually go for that tongue stuff, but even that was precious.

In case you’re wondering what Hubby’s gonna say, don’t worry. He knows. This is something we talked about before I left. At length. It wasn’t totally unplanned.

We both knew our lives were missing something. And if I’m going to be completely honest, I have to admit he’s the one that pointed her out to me.

When he saw her picture on the Web, he said, “What about this one?” Or something like that.

He was right. The girl is an absolute peach. A real love bunny.

Because of prior commitments and the impending holidays, we can’t really hook up until January. We're going to do more than hook up, too. She's living somewhere temporary right now due to a recent divorce AND foreclosure. So she's going to move in with us after the holidays.

Hubby and I are both pretty excited.

This is going to be the longest month EVER!!!

Sorry. I just had to get the love thing off my chest.


  1. Awww. I'm so glad you guys decided to get her!

  2. She's cute! Can't wait to meet her!

  3. I can't wait!!

    I haven't been this excited waiting for something during the month of December since I was 12!


  4. I forgot to mention that she loves kids, too. The two from her former family, boys age 7 and 9, cried and cried when they had to leave her. Her foster Mom says she watches the neighbors play, tail wagging, frequently.

  5. What a nice Christmas surprise for all of your family. She is adorable. I showed Dad and he commented "she looks like your previous dog CE",
    we can't wait to meet her also.


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