Thursday, January 1, 2009

All I Know is That to Me You Look Like You're Having Fun...

There's an AMAZING amount of space in my brain totally wasted on storing mundane stuff like 80s song lyrics. If anything defines my decade, it's this Dead or Alive song...

I'm not sure why I remember so many lyrics. I mean, I was pretty into music back then (still am). But I read a lot, too. And I don't remember words to novels. In fact, I can't even remember the titles of most of the books I've read. But I can remember lyrics to songs that aren't mainstream hits that still get played. They're old 80s songs that no one listens to any more.

I've always known about this lyric issue of mine. (I tell Hubby there's a band playing in my brain all the time, but I'm not sure he believes me.) But I was reminded of the lyric thing today when I started playing with my new Christmas toy. A USB turntable that plugs right in to my computer so I can convert my vinyl records -- albums, 45s and 12-inch singles -- to MP3.

Sweet, eh?

Can you believe I was playing records today? And they actually sounded quite good. Hubby said that was debatable, but he and I don't necessarily agree on all of our musical tastes.

It's going to take months and months to convert all of this music. Seriously. I have to play each one after all. And I have lots of vinyl.

This is just a few crates I used most often back when I worked as a mobile DJ. Before that, I worked in a record store and got lots of stuff free as "promotional copy" (actually stamped on the cover). I owned lots of stuff before I started working there, too.

One song that surfaces in my brain particularly frequently is Old Friend, by Phyllis Hyman. I couldn't find a decent video to share here, so just ignore the screen if you must as you listen. Or don't listen. It's entirely up to you.

If you do listen, just are actually hearing a piece of the soundtrack of my brain!

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  1. Wasn't 80's band hair awesome?! :-) I don't know if you've ever told me that there's always a band playing in your head - that's pretty cool. Have fun listening to and converting all of your old records!


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