Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coolest News of 2009

I am sooo excited. This is really cool news. At least I think so. You should, too.

Do you remember me telling you about Katy and Elizabeth Hughes? Katy is a California teenager who also happens to be a blogger, budding artist and writer. She and her mother recently found themselves homeless. When I learned of their story and saw Katy's artwork, I told her she should consider drawing avatars for people for money. I offered to be her first customer (I've always wanted one for my blog).

And she said yes!

Isn't that the coolest thing ever? I sent her some pictures, described what I wanted, and she did it. She did a fabulous job, too. Go ahead, zoom in and check out the detail. Motorcycles aren't easy to draw. And my frog is wearing gloves! Oh yeah, I didn't send her a picture of a leather jacket, I just told her to put me in a biker jacket. It rocks.

The good news is, Katy and her Mom finally moved into an apartment a few days ago. So no more hotels and/or nights spent in their car. Things are definitely looking up.

If you want to read more about Katy, check out her blog, Destination Anywhere But Here.


  1. This is super cool! No wonder you were so excited to show it off! :-)

  2. THANK YOU! I was beginning to think no one was ever going to see it! You're my most faithful fan.

    I really do think this is the coolest thing. Not just because I got a custom-designed avatar, but because she did such a great job. (-:


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