Saturday, January 24, 2009

Word Has Apparently Spread

It has only been a few days since I filled the bird feeders. Apparently, there's a great communications network among our feathered friends because every day we get more, and different, bird visitors.

These are Northern Cardinals. They are very common. But I like the picture so I am sharing.

It was only after I snapped the photo of the male that I noticed the female sitting on the cat's head. Did you notice the bird on the cat's head before I said anything?

As for the new visitors...

Here's a Downy Woodpecker with its back to the camera.

We had a Wren visit today, too. Look closely, it is hanging off the end of the feeder.

Here's another shot with the Wren on top of the feeder. Every time I see this picture, I think to myself, "I wonder what they are looking at?"

Here's an American Goldfinch. These are the little birds that turn really yellow in the Spring and Summer.

There are two American Goldfinches in this shot. One is on the twig beyond the Cardinal and the other is above the feeder.

At one point, there were five male Cardinals in the yard. That's why, I think, there's a Cardinal in so many of these shots.

Speaking of the Cardinals, here's one next to a Junco (on right, in center of image). If you've never seen a Junco, this'll give you an idea as to how small they are.

And speaking of Juncos... this one was a very pretty, dark one. They come in various shades. Juncos usually travel in small flocks, so there're typically several in the yard at any given time. They're ground feeders, too, which is why there aren't a lot of pictures of the Juncos on the feeders.

Wonder what new bird(s) we'll see tomorrow?

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