Friday, January 23, 2009


So, earlier today, as I was pondering what to blog about, I actually considered poop as a topic. Mostly because at the time I was thinking one of the best things about winter is frozen poop. It is so much easier to pick up that way. I quickly decided poop wasn't a great topic. Then, THEN, as I sat down to write this, I checked someone else's blog first. When I commented, the secret password I had to type was "poopho." Like, I'm a poop ho!

Sorry, I am easily amused by weird stuff.

I do have pics to post today. Quite a hodgepodge, really.

What's this? An accident scene? Nope. They're Eric's toy fire trucks. The grand kids LOVE them. Double thanks go to Mawsie and Pop (my parents) for saving the things AND installing fresh batteries before bringing them to my house when they heard we were having grandchildren.

I haven't talked much about Hubby lately. He was kind enough to let me take this picture of him last night. That's 'cause I was whining about having to work all day and not being able to take any cool pictures to blog about.

So, like, he knew I was going to post this picture on my blog. And he still let me take it. He's cool like that. And he loves me. What's love got to do with it? He doesn't want all of my adoring fans to think I'm a loser for having nothing to post about and/or a picture-less post.

Speaking of Hubby... you know the cool bird feeder that you see in most of my bird pics? You know, the big one...

He made that for me for Christmas one year. It has a little, removable copper roof over a bin that holds two quarts of seed. Isn't it awesome? It's way better than any old bird feeder you could buy.

To the untrained eye, this is a nice picture. It's a good snapshot. But it's nowhere near the quality of a salable image. I shot it through a window with a zoom lens and wasn't using a tripod. A tripod is a must for high-quality, zoom lens work. Even the slightest shake is magnified, causing blur. But they're okay pics for my blog.

That red bird is a Northern Cardinal, by the way.

I like this Cardinal pic better. Still no tripod, but I was outside for this one.

Here's another through-the-window shot. I Photoshopped it a bit to make it clearer, but it's still not a high quality image.

This image is better. It's clearer. That's a Tufted Titmouse on the left and a Black-capped Chickadee on the right.

This is a White-breasted Nuthatch. I was outside for this shot, too.

I'm on a mission to get a picture of all the different birds that come to our yard. The hawks will be the biggest challenge.

I told you it doesn't take much to amuse me...

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