Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Making Changes, One Step at a Time

For a long time now, I've not been real happy with the fact that my girth keeps expanding with age. It isn't just age, it is lack of activity.

It was bad enough when I worked in an office where I was up and down all day, getting stuff off the printer, chasing folks down, going to the lunchroom for drinks (uh...snacks, too), and even occasionally walking across the parking lot for lunch.

Now that I work as a "regional" employee (from my home office), my printer is within arm's reach. I chase folks down via phone and e-mail. I hardly ever go to lunch and when I do, I drive. I do walk downstairs to the kitchen for drinks, but I tend to graze at the same time. On junk, of course.

No wonder my fat ass keeps getting fatter!

As you can see in this picture (the most-recent one I have), I'm not morbidly obese or anything. In fact, some people might not even call me fat. My girlfriend, Carol, says it is just that I am not used to having some meat on my bones.

That could be the case, but I feel fat. And I am tired of having to buy larger and larger sizes!

For some time, I've thought about walking in the morning. Well, I finally got off my lazy ass this morning and did it. And you know what? Aside from the humidity, it felt pretty good. I took Meg with me, too. She actually walked like a civilized dog. And it made her happy for a change!

I am determined to make this walking thing a habit. I figured if I told the world via this humble little Blog, the whole world would know I'm a loser if I stop. So, world, make sure you call me a loser regularly if I stop walking (or exercising in some alternate way if it rains/snows).

I guess that's it for today. Now I need to hurry and grab that Twinkie and Frappuccino before I have to start working. I'm kidding, of course, though I do love my Java Chip Frappuccino once in a while.

Wish me luck on my quest for a slimmer, healthier me.


  1. Good luck - you can do it! The key is to find an activity that you like (or at least don't hate as much). Sometimes it takes a little trial and error. For example, I learned a long time ago that I am not an aerobics/step class/running kind of gal. But I do like rowing machines, lifting weights, and yoga. You just gotta find your thing!

  2. Hey maybe we can help each other out - be a support group or something. Once we get back to MD I'll be trying to get all this baby weight off!

  3. Aw, thanks for the encouragement, Shannon!

    Amy, I'd be happy to figure out how we can inspire each other.

    Thanks for the support, girls.


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