Thursday, August 7, 2008

Two for Two and Cute Doggie Lips

Yep, I walked again today. With Meg, who actually might need the walks just as much as I do. But for different reasons. Which I won't go into because I spend far too much time talking about Meg.

She's not our only dog, you know.

There's also CeCe, our little princess, who was, after all, our first dog. I can't take C along because she has issues. Lots of issues, actually, but the one that prevents me from taking her along is intestinal. The poor girl has had diarrhea off and on for a while now. We're still trying to get to the bottom of it (yes, we've been to the vet).

When she has to go, she has to go. The end result is usually a puddle. So, if she goes on someone's lawn, I can't pick it up. Then my neighbors would consider me one of THOSE PEOPLE that don't pick up after their pets!

When we left this morning, C was busy chewing her "chewy." In this case, a bully stick. You don't REALLY want to know what that is, so just think of it as a dog treat. Which it is, of course.

C loves them. Just look at the way she is focused. What I find interesting is how she uses her hands to hang on to it while she chews.

The girl is in dire need of a pedicure. Which she hates, by the way. Just another one of her many issues.

One of the things I love about C is her hairy lips. Looking at her hairy lips, that is. Aren't they cute? Seriously.

This is one of the pictures her foster mom sent me when we were considering adoption. I just couldn't say no to those lips. The rest of her body looked pretty pathetic (she was neglected and seriously underweight).

Could you say no to those lips? I mean, really. Aside from the hair, don't they look painted on? And puckered into a kiss? Mike and I sure thought so. Especially since, at the time, Amy favored lipstick that was almost exactly that color (sorry, Amy, but it is true).

Here, have a closer look...

Lucky for us, C is not a kisser. But I still think she has really cute lips.


  1. REALLY?? I've never really been big on lipstick - have I?? I mostly do lip glosses... Maybe it's better that I don't remember since now you're comparing me to a dog!! :-)

  2. I'm not comparing you to a dog, I am comparing C to you. Think of it that way. (-:

  3. Actually, you're comparing C's lips to a lipstick color Amy used to wear a long time ago - so really the comparison isn't as bad as you think, Amy.

    C's lips are pretty cute.

    And keep up the walking!


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