Friday, August 8, 2008

A Boy and His Laundry

The "baby" of the family--Eric--is almost 19 and still living at home. He's not a college boy, but he is working at a real job.

Eric was having a little difficulty waking up this morning. So he threw his laundry into the washing machine and went back to bed. After asking me to call him when it was finished, that is.

When the washer stopped, I decided to be nice and throw the wet clothes into the dryer for him. I'm nice like that SOMETIMES, but not very often.

Now, we did teach Eric how to do laundry. He's been doing it for years. Yet the first thing I noticed was the mix of colors. As evidenced in the photo above, there were tan shorts, a dark-brown shirt, a black shirt, red flannel boxers, and white socks (not the entire contents of the washer, just a sampling).

I'm big on sorting stuff. I usually segregate the laundry into at least five piles: darks, lights, whites, denim and towels. I guess he doesn't care if his whites aren't all that white. No biggie. I just kept moving the wet clothes into the dryer.

Then I noticed the scissors. Laying at the bottom of the washer. Next to a metal rivet.

I thought to myself, "Well, that's probably one of the oddest things I've seen in the washing machine." My mind automatically began cataloging some of my past finds. Money, of course, both paper and coins, is found most often. Then there were nails, screws, binder clips, buttons, gum (Hubby HATES when that happens, especially if it makes it to the dryer). That's all stuff one might expect to inadvertently leave in a pocket. But scissors?

When I asked, he said they are electrician's scissors (a tool he needs for work) and that he'd been looking for them. I guess it isn't that odd after all.

I wanted to take a picture of him before he left to post here on my Blog, but he was unshaven and half asleep. I asked if he'd shave for me, and told him I wanted to take a picture. I left out the "to post on my Blog" part.

He declined. Maybe next time...

P.S. - I decided to move the activity updates to the end of my Blog. And I decided that alternate forms of exercise count, too. So, I am still at it. In case anyone cares.

Speaking of caring, Eric never reads my Blog, so he'll never know he was my main topic for the day.


  1. There was that one time when Amy and I were kids that crayon(s) made it through the wash and into the dryer. You think Dad doesn't like gum in the dryer, you should've seen him after the crayon incident! Come to think of it, I think that's when he started making us do our own laundry. . .

  2. I don't see anything wrong with the way he does laundry. I'm older then him and still don't "sort" my laundry *gasp*

    I don't have time for that - they all get thrown in together. Lights, darks denims - you name it - it's in there!

    Occasionally if I have a large load of towels at once I may do just towels but that's it....

  3. You know, Amy. I didn't think you were a sorter (based on laundry I've seen at your place). But I wasn't sure if that was an isolated incident. I guess you just get lucky with clothes not bleeding!

  4. Yea that and I do try not to wash something brand new with the whites. (But than again I'm so frugal that most of the "new" clothes are hand me downs not really "new" so they don't bleed)


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