Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cool in a Weird Way

My middle child -- Amy -- found a cool Web site yesterday. It's WORDLE. It takes chunks of text, extracts the words, and arranges them into an image.

The words you use most are bigger than the words you use the least. It will work on any Web page with text (like a Blog page). Or you can cut and past any block of text into it.

My wordle for Friday is posted above. It sort of looks like a foot, doesn't it? Apparently, I need to write about people more.

It is kind of fun. If you decide to try it and want to share your wordle, leave a comment with a link so all my loyal readers can see it, too.


  1. Wow - yours is really different than mine.

    So did you find yourself playing with it far too long??? Or was that just me?

  2. Didn't take too long. I just kept hitting the refresh button, or reconfigure or whatever it was. I do like the site.


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