Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey There, Pussycat

This past weekend was relatively uneventful. Mike went to WV to retrieve some stuff he inadvertently left behind. I stayed home to do some stuff I never seem to have time to do. Mainly because we spend all of our weekends in WV and I just don't have much spare time during the week.

Saturday morning, as I was contemplating where to begin (what errand to run first), I noticed Muffin, our youngest cat, curled up on the dog bed. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. This is one of them.

She does have pretty, green eyes. But not this green. I was experimenting with PhotoShop and thought the end result (the picture shown here) was sort of cool. So I decided to share it.

By the way, I haven't walked yet today, but I will. So don't call me a loser yet.

Have a happy Monday!


  1. It would be really cool if her eyes really did look like that!

  2. When I first looked at that picture I thought "Wow! I guess I've never looked closely at that cat. I never knew her eyes were so green!" Of course, most of the time when I do see her, I see her pendulous belly swinging side to side as she runs in the opposite direction. Kinda hard to determine eye color when you're looking at the south end of a north-bound animal.


  3. I'll have to try and get a shot of that "pendulous belly"! That was a pretty funny comment!

  4. If you want to see the SOOC (straight out of the camera, i.e., pre-PhotoShop), go to Muffin SOOC.

  5. Yea, in the "original" they look more yellow.

    So have you gotten your exercise yet for today?


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