Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

Today was pretty uneventful for me. Just another work day. I did exercise, though (biking). And despite not feeling great yesterday, I did take a walk. The point is not to walk, but to MOVE. I sit around far too much.

I did work all day, which is why my post is so late. And I couldn't think of any exciting photos to share. So I made one.

I've been working on my PhotoShop technique. I took an otherwise boring picture and made it look sort of interesting. I think so, anyway.

Because I have absolutely nothing to talk about, I'll stop here. Besides, the Olympics is on. I am missing women's synchronized diving!

Let me know if you enjoyed today's attempt at "art" (the picture).


  1. Hey! I know that place! :-) I think it's an interesting picture, too.

  2. I was wondering if you'd recognize it. (-:

    You should go hang out in "the Olympic Zone" today. I looked for you there last night.

  3. I think it looks pretty cool. What did it look like before though?

  4. And what's the "Olympic Zone"?

  5. I'll dig out the SOOC picture later. As for the "Olympic Zone," it is the pool at Shannon's Clipper Mill condo. The folks at WBAL-TV apparently like the columns topped with gas torches. It does look rather Grecian. So they film their nightly Olympic preview there. Live. I'll have to check their Web site to see if I can find a picture.


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