Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"I-Q-U-I-T" Spells Happiness for Hubby

Do people say "I quit" any more? I think that "I resign" is more the norm. In the professional world anyway.

It doesn't really matter, though, because it means the same thing....


We're talking about Hubby here. Not me.

Mike turned in his resignation yesterday. He's going to work for another company in the same industry. He's got to put a few more weeks in at his current job before he gets to move on.

That's the professional way to do things. It would have felt better to say something like, "Hey, asshole. I quit. I am so glad to be rid of you it isn't funny. Actually, it is funny. HA HA! I'm happy. You will be out of my life, finally! Finally!"

I could go on, but I'll stop before I end up typing really nasty words.

It is nice to see Hubby happy. He deserves it.

"You, go, Hubby! I'm proud of you!"

On another note...

I posted a picture yesterday. I admitted to PhotoShopping it. The result, though manipulated, is pretty neat.

Amy (youngest daughter) asked what the SOOC (straight out of the camera) image looks like. I guess you'd all appreciate it more if you could see the before and after.

So here we go...

Before (Boooooring)

After (Artful)

PhotoShop is a great program, but I have TONS to learn. And not enough spare time to do it!

Oh yeah, I exercised today. On my rebounder. So I'm no loser today!


  1. Glad he's happy! I was so relaxed after I left, the stress release was unbelievable. Yay for Mike!

  2. I talked to Dad last night - but still - Yay for Dad!!

    And the picture is quite different. I never would have realized the sky was so different. The second picture really looks good after seeing the 1st one. (Not that it didn't look good - oh nevermind)


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