Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mind Like a Sieve

I forgot to walk today. Or do any other form of exercise. Seriously. I got so carried away with work, it totally slipped my mind. That's dedication. Commitment.

It is more like stupidity, really. How can work occupy my mind THAT much? It wasn't just work, though. There were other distractions, too. Sherree, the wonderful lady that cleans my house, was here today. And CeCe had diarrhea. And I had to go to the pharmacy to get some prescriptions filled. I had to eat lunch, too.

So exercise slipped my mind. Jeez...

I have some pictures to share, which is why I logged on to my Blog in the first place. The first one is a neat one, un-PhotoShopped (except for cropping) that I had forgotten about. Until it popped up on Hubby's computer screen. His screensaver is a program that cycles through photos.

It was one of those things I saw, and liked. So I took a picture. It makes a really cool photo, doesn't it? This really is a good example of the world through my eyes. I am always looking at shapes, and lighting, and color contrasts, etc.

Here's another picture I took. This one is PhotoShopped a bit. I cropped it. And made the sky bluer.

The SOOC version, except that I cropped it, too, is below.

The difference isn't too dramatic, but it does make a difference. The bluer sky makes the building stand out more. The red bus adds a nice splash of color to the picture.

So which version do you like better? The one I blued-up or the SOOC shot? (Remember, SOOC = straight out of camera, i.e., unedited.)

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  1. You're right - it's not too dramatic of a difference - but I like the blued up one better, too.


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