Monday, August 4, 2008

Meg's Moods

It isn't just me that would rather be anywhere but here. Really.

I've often told people that Meg pouts when we are at our Maryland house. They usually say something like “Oh yeah?” and/or a slight nod that says, “Yeah, whatever. A dog that pouts.”

So I decided to take some pictures. Now I have proof. The following pictures were shot over the course of a few days.

Does that look like a pout to you?

How about this one?

I guess she doesn't look TOO pathetic here.

She looks pretty sad in this one.

This one, too.

Now, she looks REALLY sad here.

But things are looking up. That's because I just told her we'd be going to “the WV” soon.

Once she gets to our humble little cabin in the woods, she's a happy girl once again.

You can see she's smiling here.

This is Meg, totally in her element.

You be the judge. She went from this... this.

So, would you agree that my dog pouts? Or am I just guilty of hopeful pet-owner personification?


  1. It is kinda crazy how different she looks in each of the pictures. As far as the pet-owner personification - if you didn't do that, you wouldn't be the good pet-mom that you are! :-)

  2. I'd agree that she pouts. It's kind of funny how much her mood changes - maybe she gets it from you :-)

  3. Me, moody!?! I'm not moody! Sad to be in Maryland, maybe. But my moods don't swing that much.

  4. I didn't mean it like that. I meant that you are happier in WV - just like she is and she sees your not happy when you're home and so she's not....oh nevermind you just took that the wrong way!


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