Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why We Built a House in West Virginia

We just had one of the best weekends I can remember. We finally got to use the WV place strictly for FUN. That's right, FUN. No work. Just relaxing, riding our motorcycles, and hanging out with our close friends Kathy and Barry Spice. They came to visit for the weekend with their dog, Max, who is not pictured here. (There's lots of pictures from the weekend on my Web site.)

We did a short ride on Friday, stopping in Capon Bridge (about 30 minutes east of Romney) at a yummy little Mexican place called El Puente for dinner. The food is awesome. I am so sad we didn't start going there years ago!

Saturday was our big day. We did a 200-plus-mile loop over about 8 hours through some gorgeous countryside on curvy mountain roads. Motorcycle riding doesn't get much better.

Then Barry grilled us a dinner of steak, potatoes and broccoli and plied us with beverages (lemonade mixed with blueberry vodka...YUM).

After dinner we just spent time chatting and relaxing after our glorious day.

They left early on Sunday; Kathy had things to do. So Mike and I did a short 100-mile ride, stopping at El Puente in Capon Bridge, again, for lunch. (I told you the food was good!)

It is a good thing we're pretty much finished working up here. This motorcycle riding can be quite addictive. As can just sitting around relaxing, hanging out with friends, exploring the town (I have been meaning to do this for years), etc.

By the way, if you didn't click on my "exploring the town" link above, which leads to my Picasa page and features lots of pictures of Romney, you should CLICK HERE NOW. Assuming, of course, you actually want to see pictures of Romney.


  1. looks like a great weekend, the pics are fantastic!

  2. Thanks. It was loads of fun. So nice to be able to enjoy the place after so much labor!

  3. I'm glad you guys finally got to have a great relaxing weekend up there. Hopefully me and the kids will be up early September!

  4. Good! I think the kids will have a blast. It will be lots of fun.


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