Friday, October 30, 2009

A Glorious October Friday

Today was a glorious day. The weather wasn't picture-perfect, but I wasn't working, I finally got to visit Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware, where I saw lots of cool critters, and I ended the day in Ocean City, Maryland with two former colleagues and a friend of theirs. We got to do some catching up over an Italian dinner that was way better than I'd ever expect for Ocean City. And tomorrow I'm going to do a 5k.

The weather not being perfect was actually a good thing. If it was a bright, sunny day, I wouldn't have gotten as many cool pictures as I did. Too much bright light is bad. Especially in Fall, when leaves are past peak and the colors are all so darn warm. If the light were too harsh, the images would not have looked nearly as dramatic.

It's late and I have a 5k to do tomorrow morning, so I am just posting a few of my favorite images without commentary.

Remember, if you want a better look, click on each image for a larger view.

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