Thursday, October 29, 2009

All Good Things Must End

Well, just as I feared it would, the worst has happened.

I have completely depleted my supply of Seattle's Best flavored coffee.

We killed the wine, which was very good by the way, way back when our friends, Annelies and Yves, from Belgium stopped for a visit.

I could have bought some Hazelnut and Vanilla Bean Seattle's Best at Amazon, but it is now out of stock. I may need to call that co-worker of mine, who lives in Washington (the state), to see if he can hook me up.

Luckily, the non-flavored varieties of Seattle's Best coffee are still available here in Maryland. It's very good, too, by the way. But I LOVE the Hazelnut. I really like the Vanilla Bean, but Hazelnut is the best. In my opinion. Which, go ahead and say it, is all that really matters here at ToadMama's Web Abode.

Have a happy Thursday!

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