Monday, September 7, 2009

Motorcycling At Its Finest

One of our goals for this long weekend was to get some ride time in on our motorcycles. I am happy to report, we accomplished our goal.

On Saturday, we went to visit our friends' new property. We did more visiting than riding. But we took the long way back to our place to make up for it. Then Sunday, that was the best day, we did a 160-mile loop north into Maryland, then Pennsylvania, then back into Maryland and finally to our place in West Virginia.

It was a fabulous ride, if I do say so myself. I got to do all the route planning this weekend 'cause Hubby left his GPS at our Maryland home. That's one difference between Hubby and I... he's more than happy to use nothing but electronic maps for route planning. I like good old, ordinary, paper maps. There's just something about having a map in hand, Plus it gives you a wider picture.


We left our place in Romney and headed north on Route 28. At Springfield, we continued north on CR-1, which took us across that cool old toll bridge and into Oldtown, Maryland. That's where we got onto Bear Hill Road then Town Creek Road, which took us to Flintstone, Maryland. From Flintstone, we got on Black Valley Road, which quickly becomes PA-326 at the Pennsylvania line.

PA-326 runs along Warrior Ridge, at the base of which is Bedford County Bridge #29, better known as the Hewitt Bridge.

The bridge, originally constructed in 1879, was refurbished in 2000. So it's in pretty good shape. There are 14 covered bridges in Bedford County, PA. We've seen a few of them previously. But maybe in the Spring we can do a bridge tour where we see them all in one day.

From the bridge, we continued north on 326 to Bedford, through Buchanan State Forest. We did stop at Sportsman's Lake, just north of Charlesville, for a picnic lunch. At first glance (from the highway with my head in my helmet and earplugs playing tunes), it looked peaceful. I mean, it was a tiny mountain lake.

So we pulled into the boat launch area and parked. As soon as I cut my engine and the tunes, I heard it. Gunfire. Lots of gunfire. It seems Sportsman's Lake is home to a pretty active hunting and fishing club. And there were about 20 men there at their range shooting. Said range was only a couple hundred yards from where we parked. So we ate lunch surrounded by gnats and serenaded by gunfire. Lovely, eh? It really wasn't bad. And the quality of the roads more than made up for that.

Just outside of Bedford, we headed east on US-30, then south on PA-26, which eventually became PA-484. All three of those roads were amazing. Smooth surface, hills, sweeping curves, lots of twisties. A motorcyclists wet dream.

From PA-484, we dropped into Hancock, Maryland. We made a quick stop at the C&O Canal then headed south across the Potomac River on US-522 into Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. In Berkeley Springs, we headed west on WV-9. That's another awesome motorcycle road. Especially the 25-mile section between Berkeley Springs and WV-29, just south of Paw Paw. From there it was south on WV-29 then west on CR-3, which is the Springfield-Millesons Mill Road. That brought us back to WV-28, just a few miles from home.

We were gone for about 4.5 hours. It was a lovely ride. One we'll definitely have to do again. Maybe we can even convince some of our biker friends to join us.


  1. ... he's more than happy to use nothing but electronic maps for route planning. I like good old, ordinary, paper maps.

    Remember when I got into digital cameras and you were a film purist?
    Same thing here. Eventually, you'll come around :-)

  2. Gloat all you want. I doubt I'll ever succumb to all-electronic mapping. Unless they stop publishing paper maps, of course.

  3. Oh boy. Did you actually say "I doubt I'll ever...?" That seems like trouble waiting to happen. :-)

  4. Also: Whoa! Your toad moves now! I just noticed. :-)

  5. I was wondering when/if anyone would notice. LOL

    It's been there for about 10 days now. (-:


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