Saturday, September 5, 2009

Enjoying the Long Weekend

It's Labor Day weekend here in the US. The unofficial end of Summer. Boy, has this summer flown! The best thing about Labor Day weekend is that Monday is a holiday. Three-day weekends are always, ALWAYS welcome.

Today, we set out on our motorcycles from the WV Place to visit some new neighbors/old friends.

Our long-time buds, Kathy and Barry Spice, bought a chunk of land a bit north and west of Cumberland, MD. It's only about a 35-mile drive from us. Which is cool. I call it the Spice Mountain Retreat. In my head anyway. I'm not sure what they'll call it. But I think Spice Mountain Retreat has a nice ring to it. Sort of like they own a mountain on which they built (or are going to build) a retreat.

They have just started clearing a "driveway." They have their work cut out for them. It's a great piece of land in a very nice location, but it is a bit overgrown.

They spent the morning using weed whackers to clear a path. They'd like to be able to access the place easily enough to camp there this Fall. That's Hubby waving in the above picture.

There's a nice view from their driveway, too.

Here's the happy couple with their faithful pal, Max. Since we rode our motorcycles to visit, we didn't get to take Meg and Belle along.

Max would have enjoyed their company. He was happy enough hanging out with us humans, but nothing beats canine companions. Especially when they're girls.

Speaking of girls... Hubby snapped this shot of Kathy Spice (on the left) and me. We don't have many pics of the two of us together. It isn't bad, either. Especially considering that I have helmet head and she'd been weed whacking all morning.

We're hoping to do some more riding tomorrow. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. We need to take advantage of it while we can.

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  1. Nice! I didn't know the Spices bought land out there. That's a good pic of you and Kathy, btw.

    Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!


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