Friday, July 3, 2009

How Observant Are You?

My Mom sent me two pictures by e-mail the other day to see if I could spot anything odd in them. I couldn't. Of course, she sent them on June 30, the day I had to get three proposals out (for work, not for fun).

Maybe that's why I didn't spot the incongruity. I was distracted. Or maybe it just didn't register. Maybe I'm just unobservant. They just looked like shots of my Dad in his favorite baseball cap to me.

I decided to pass the test on to my Blog fans. The first one to comment and tell me what's wrong will be dubbed Most Observant ToadMama Fan.


Look carefully. The man in the photos isn't odd, that's my Dad. Of course, with offspring like me, you be the judge as to whether or not he might be odd.

The picture is sort of small (Mom sent low-res files), but here's a close-up.

Notice anything weird?

Be sure to comment if you do. I'll post the answer tomorrow. The winner will be announced on Sunday night, or Monday, depending how early we feel like returning from WV.

Good luck!


  1. This is even funnier when he first showed me. I wonder how many will notice.


  2. There's no bill on the hat!


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