Saturday, July 4, 2009

Did Anyone Get it Right?

Yesterday, I posted a couple of pics of my Dad and challenged fans to try and figure out what's weird in the pics.

I wonder if anyone did? I hope my Mom didn't cheat and supply the answer.

Well, here's the deal. Dad is wearing his favorite baseball cap in the pics. He got it in like 1988 or 1989. The Spadefish was the first nuclear sub my brother, who is now retired from the US Navy, served on.

He wears it a lot, so he decided to wash it. Unfortunately, the bill fell off.

Look again.

As soon as Mom told me that, I could see it. Before she clued me in, I was lost. Actually, I was starting to panic, thinking, "Oh Jeez, his birthday is June 30, not July 30 and I missed it!"

He doesn't look sad, he just looks Sleepy. (That's his nickname, by the way. Sleepy.)

I'll announce the winner in my next post.

Have a happy Fourth of July!!!

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