Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Amazing Weekend

Hubby and I had an amazing Fourth of July weekend. It was the kind of weekend that reaffirmed our decision to build the WV place.

He mapped out an amazing Saturday ride for us. We had picture-perfect weather. The first leg took us west from Romney on Route 50 to Grafton, WV. An approximately 90-mile ride with sweeping curves, crazy switchbacks, 3,000+ foot mountains... Get the picture? A perfect motorcycle road.

About 20 miles east of Grafton, we stopped at quirky Cool Springs Park. It's one of those weird, "only in America" roadside attractions.

Next time, we'll have to linger a bit. We were both anxious to get back on the road.

When we hit Grafton, we turned south toward Tygart Lake State Park, where we'd planned on stopping to enjoy our picnic lunch.

I never knew there was such a big, beautiful lake in West Virginia. I only wished the dogs were along to go for a swim.

After leaving there, we meandered through the mountainous countryside on some very cool, scenic back roads that were sometimes more farm lane than road. The scenery was gorgeous.

We topped the 227-mile ride day off with a lovely dinner that consisted of crab cakes (thanks, Dad!) and fresh corn on the cob. YUM.

Today, Hubby didn't want to go for a ride. He knew he'd be riding his bike home to MD and he had some things he wanted to get done, so I went for a brief jaunt without him.

Here's the sort of lovely country lanes we enjoyed (but didn't photograph) on Saturday.

We covered many miles of road like this. Today, I decided to stop and take pics of the cows. I wanted to park my bike next to the fence and get a shot with it and the cows. But the cows were a little freaked out by me.

See the strange looks they're giving me?

While I was off having fun, my wonderfully handy Hubby installed a screened door.

You know what they say... while the wife's away, the Hubby will be productive. That's how it seems to work in our world anyway.

See how nice and inviting the front porch looks now? Ready to come for a visit?

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  1. It seems like you had a really nice weekend!


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