Thursday, July 2, 2009

Worth Blogging About

Finally, something worth blogging about. I hit a milestone. Wanna guess what it is?

Oh wait. Never mind. I hate when you have something exciting to share, ask people to guess, and they come up with something way more exciting, which just spoils your fun. (I know Amy can relate to that one!)

It wasn't a running thing. While I did manage to complete my first jog 10/walk 5 this morning, for the second round, I ended up with jog 5/walk 5/jog 5. I'm getting there. I need to do two of the jog 10/walk 5 rounds in a row. At least I did manage to jog for a total of 20 minutes.

I could get discouraged. But I keep reminding myself how I struggled to even jog for 5 minutes a couple of weeks ago. I'm getting better. Just slowly. It would be so much easier if it weren't so hot. I think I need to drink more water, too. That's pretty much all I drink, I just don't drink enough.

Anyway, no running milestone. But, in addition to the running, I've been trying to lose weight. That also affects my energy levels, I think, but I am figuring that out.

I started focusing on the weight thing in early May. I am simply eating smaller portions and trying to avoid junk. By smaller portions, I mean, when I get full, I stop eating. It seems wasteful, but the dogs are usually happy.

I allow myself things like a candy bar, ice cream, popcorn, etc., every now and then. And I try to limit my snacks to fruit or pretzels. It's easy to maintain this strategy because I am seeing progress. How much progress? That's the milestone...

Since May 4, which was 59 days ago, I've lost 20 pounds! Yep, the big two-oh. That's 0.338 pounds/day or about 2.35 pounds/week. I'm almost halfway to my goal (I told you I'd packed on some pounds).

At this rate, I might actually be able to rejoin my soccer team in the Fall. Oh yeah, and run a 10-mile marathon. (Ten miles isn't technically a marathon, or even a half-marathon, but it's a marathon to me!)

Losing another 30 pounds would be nice. It would make me lighter than I've been in years. Just losing another 20 would make me happy. If I can keep whittling slowly away at the pounds like I have been, it might actually happen.

I'll keep y'all posted.


  1. Goals are great especially when you get there.
    Your Dad also is working on losing weight and he also is watching what he eats. He snacks on Cheerios.

    Way to go.

  2. That's awesome. Congrats!


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