Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. Undoubtedly, the Moms will be thinking, "Huh, she didn't do a Mother's Day post." Which is true. Sorry, Moms. But I'm a Mom, too, and took that day off.

Anyway... here are the kids Hubby and I parented together.

This is just one of the pictures taken by Jaime Gibbons of Jaime Gibbons Photography fame. The photo shoot was my Mother's Day gift from the kids. Eric (19 1/2) is standing in the back with Shannon (30) seated on the left and Amy (28) seated on the right. (As soon as my MIL tells me what sizes she needs, I'll order my prints.)

Here's another...

Wanna see the rest? They're here. She did a great job.

And here we are with our expanded nuclear family on Christmas Eve, 2008.

I could be cliched and blame Hubby's gray hair on the kids, but most of it is probably 'cause of me. And why poke fun? I love Hubby's gray hair.

And how could I forget my Dad?

To my Dad and Hubby, I have to say...

Happy Father's Day!

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