Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Really Crabby Today

This week has sucked the big one. Mostly because of work stuff. I won't bore you with the details. I'll just keep it short and say I've been quite irritated, or crabby as some might say.

On a positive note... my Dad sent me a dozen steamed blue crabs on Monday night (he works part-time for a crab house, i.e., place that sells crabs and other seafood). I was out with the girls (Shannon and Amy) and couldn't do anything with them that evening. So I picked them last night.

They were BIG. How big? See for yourself...

Crabs like these would sell for close to $100 per dozen in a restaurant.

I didn't finish until around 10:00 PM, so I haven't talked to Dad yet to tell him just how lovely these crustaceans were. And how full. I got 6 packed cups of blue crab meat for my efforts. That's like 2 pounds. And crab meat of this quality, especially from blue crabs, is not only hard to come by, but also very expensive.

We're going to be eating some really good fried crab cakes sometime real soon.

Thanks, Dad!


  1. Wow! They are big. We had some smaller ones on Saturday and then we also each had one a piece of yours. That his dad reward sometimes for helping out at The Corner Crab House here in Baltimore. He also cuts the grass for them and his reward is a free can of crab meat. Yumm! I can taste your crab cakes now.


  2. The crab cakes were awesome. Tell Dad I sent a big thanks his way. On second thought, I'll tell him tomorrow when I see him. (-:


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