Monday, April 27, 2009

My Swollen Heart

As you know, Joey was with us in West Virginia this past weekend. Joey adores his Pop. He likes me okay, too. But he LOVES his Pop.

My heart could be swollen with jealousy, but it isn't. Instead, it's swollen with happiness from the joy this little guy brings to our lives. How can you not get all choked up when you see pictures like this?

Just look at the unbridled joy and affection on Hubby's face.

And look at the smile on that kid.

I mean, really. He was having so much fun playing with Pop.

He has the cutest little giggle. It's a deep, belly giggle, too. It is totally infectious.

Joey is just the happiest little guy. And Hubby is the proudest Pop ever.

Grand kids are so much fun. One of these days, we'll get all three of them back in West Virginia with us. Brianna, Gaige and Amy all have busy sports schedules (lacrosse, tee ball and soccer, respectively) through the end of May. So, for now, we just have to be content with Joey's company.

He's really such a happy little guy. And so easy to entertain!

Here's Pop showing Joey pictures of Mommy, Daddy, Gaige and Brianna, which we took way back in 2005.

Speaking of easy to entertain...

I could just look at the back of this kid's head for hours. That's the plus side of his giving Pop most of his attention. I got to see a lot of Joey from this angle.

Look at those little ears. Don't you just want to kiss them? I did. Many times. And that little tail of hair! (Eric always had one of those tails, too. )

Here's Joey leading Pop through the woods on the dog trail.

And later, back in the house, having a serious discussion about knees. Joey hadn't worn shorts since the previous year. He's very conscious of his environment and found the short pants a bit strange. He kept pulling up his shorts and looking down at his legs as if to say, "What happened to my pants?"

That bit of seriousness didn't last too long. Can't you just see the love between these two. It's almost palpable.

Doesn't it just make you smile?

Look at those big, blue eyes on that handsome Hubby of mine. He was telling Amy, who had called to check in on Joey, how much fun we were having.

This shot chokes me up every time I see it. They both just look so happy. Pop was sitting like that for all of about a millisecond before Joey walked over and planted his butt in Pop's lap.

This is a sweet shot, too. Isn't it?

So, tell me. Did these pictures get you all teary-eyed and smiley, too?

I'll post more, less-moving images of Joey later.

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