Monday, April 27, 2009

An Anomaly, I Hope

This past weekend, the last full weekend in April, temperatures climbed into the mid nineties. It was awful. Hot and buggy. Just the kind of weather I hate. I whined about the unfairness of it all. It being only April especially. Hubby swears it's an anomaly. I sure hope that's the case!

On a positive note... we had Joey with us for the weekend.

Here's Pop helping Joey with his shoes.

Amy and family had a very full weekend scheduled. They wanted us to watch Joey on Saturday night only. But since we knew we'd be in West Virginia, and unavailable on Saturday, we offered to take him with us. They agreed.

Of course, I took lots of pictures, but I need some time to cull through them and select the best of the best to share. I knew folks would be curious to see how our weekend went though, so am posting a few to hold you over.

Joey is an outside boy. He didn't think it was fair that the dogs got to go out without him. Here he is looking through the doggie door to see where they'd gotten to.

He liked our morning walk. I didn't let him run down the big hill with the dogs. I just knew he'd pick up too much speed and do a faceplant. So I held his hand and walked fast, which allowed him to run. He giggled the whole way.

His giggles are infectious. I'll post more pics later, I promise.

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  1. Can't wait to see more pics! Joey looked like he had fun. :-)


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