Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On Being a Boy

One thing for sure about our grandson, Joey. He is all boy. Period.

It may sound cliche, but it's a fact. Boys just do things differently than girls. (Pioneer Woman did a recent post on gender stereotypes you might enjoy viewing for yourself.)

Don't believe me? Surprise, surprise, I have "a few" pictures to share as proof.

He really seemed to enjoying uprooting plants.

Walking in the gutter, which was of course full of leaves, instead of on the road was fun for him, too.

Oh look, another uprooted plant. He spent a few minutes examining the roots of this one.

Then he had to scamper into the woods—more off-roading!—to find a stick.

Here's the "stick."

Here he is pulling the tops off of weeds. He actually tasted this one for some reason. That was a pretty funny face!

He climbed on structures.

He climbed on hills.

He walked around the perimeter of the house looking for interesting stuff to get into.

He shoveled gravel. For hours, it seemed.

And he found G's rocks.

He climbed on the woodpile.

And was quite proud of his accomplishment.

He found an old bolt, and a rock, and spent about an hour playing with the two.

Doing all sorts of stuff I can't explain. But he was having fun.

The next day, he filled my flower pots with gravel, stones, sticks and such.

He was a good sport letting me take so many pictures.

Look how he is sitting on the very edge of the patio.

Oh the concentration! The pots were heavy, what with all the gravel he'd put into them.

This is one of my favorite shots. He rides in his car seat with his hands behind his head like that. I just held the camera up, pointed it into the backseat, and clicked. Figures, right?

I hope you enjoyed seeing the Joey pics as much as we enjoyed Joey's company!


  1. Morning,
    So enjoyed your Joey & Pop pictures..Sorry to admit a little more than your furry kids pics. Love furry kids,but something about those grandkids just tug my heart.We spent sunday with our grandkids too and planted veggies and flowers..How does that saying go if I knew grandchildren were going to be so much fun I would have had them first!!
    Thank you for my card. Have fun this weekend..
    Love You Guys!!

  2. Fabulous pics and yes brings back memories when Eric was just a wee person and all the fun we had enjoying him. I love looking at all the old pictures.

    Mom R


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