Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Someone Else's Brittany and Cats

I posted my Meg's Adjustment video on YouTube last night. This morning, I had to check and make sure it was working. YouTube is great at showing you links to related videos. I always get sucked in to watching more.

That's how I discovered Merlin the British Brittany and his family.

Merlin's cute and his Mom has a good sense of humor. I had so much fun watching his videos, I just had to share some here.

There's this one, too, which I actually saw first. But I thought it was so funny (and so reminiscent of my own slideshow, Meg's Dilemma), I e-mailed it to a bunch of folks, including most of my Blog fans. But it MUST have its own place here.

Here's the last one of Merlin I'll post today. Listen closely to what the lady is saying. It's a fine example of that dry, British sarcasm that I find entertaining.

Too bad Merlin lives across the pond. He and my crazy Meg could be good pals, I think.

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